Boston Volleyball Association - Adult & Youth Volleyball in New England

Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy
Boston Volleyball is dedicated to developing skilled, competitive volleyball players with an advanced knowledge and a real love of the game. The focus is not only on the player's current level of skill and talent, but more importantly on development of the player to their highest potential. To realize these goals, we offer superior coaching, competition at every level, and a supportive Club practice environment.

Training hard, setting individual as well as team goals, improving skills, understanding the rules of the game, being a reliable teammate; these are the expectations the Club has of its players. In return the Club sets a priority on offering first rate instruction from professional coaches dedicated to enhancing individual skills and creating a team approach to the game. Meeting these mutual commitments is hard work for all involved. When it is consistently pursued with a sense of joy and pleasure, winning is simply the natural consequence of effort.

Our History
The Boston Volleyball Association was founded in the summer of 1994 as Newton Volleyball by two childhood friends who were interested in seeing the level of volleyball play increase in Massachusetts. Newton Volleyball began with seven sand co-ed teams, and grew to 25 teams by 1996. In the fall of 1997, Newton Volleyball officially acquired another league in greater Boston and changed it's name to the Boston Volleyball Association.

In just a few short years, Boston Volleyball has grown to be one of the largest amateur volleyball organizations in the Boston and greater Boston area. We attribute our success to a focus on our members, teams, and enjoying the volleyball experience. Recently we've grown to over 100 participating teams!